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July 31, 2016

WELCOME- A little about me and this site

Welcome + Thanks

It already means a lot that you took the time to click, scroll and read through my page! For those of you who don’t know me, I figured it’s only right to share 5 quick facts about myself.

  1. I genuinely enjoy lengthy articles + essays (reading, researching, editing and writing them).
  2. I really do wish I was a morning person, but I can sleep until noon without a problem. Sometimes I wake up early, but coffee is a MUST at that point.
  3. I’m oddly highly allergic to carrots.
  4. I have three dogs that I absolutely love. An over weight Italian Greyhound, a very old and blind miniature Dachshund and a big Doberman Pincher who’s more of a lap dog than a watch dog.
  5. Fall is my favorite season because of jackets, scarfs, beanies and layers!

The purpose behind my site is to post as much as I can in hopes of growing as a photographer and writer!

Any Q’s? I’ll try to provide some A’s!


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