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August 23, 2016


Mine and @kimberleeestes lil' campsite. 💛🌵💫

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Hi guys!

Last week, I received a text from my best friend asking when I was free to hang out and amazingly enough, we had the two same days off! Then came the question, “what should we do?”.

We had exhausted our beach days, Disneyland days and bank accounts  so we needed to come up with something fun and affordable- something that would end our Summer perfectly.

So we went to Joshua Tree, CA for 24 hours!

We decided to go to Joshua Tree Wednesday morning through Thursday morning on a Monday. So that meant we had two days to prep!

We met up and made a list of things we would need (toiletries, food, camping equipment etc.).

Our list: 

-Tent, hammer, flashlight, blankets, pillows, ice chest and sleeping bags.

-Firewood, wire hangers, lighter fluid, lighter, a knife, and my taser (courtesy of my dad).

-Hot dogs, hot dog buns, spicy mustard (YUM), carrots (for Kimberlee since i’m allergic), nuts, grapes, PB&J sandwiches, trail mix, candy AND A TON OF WATER.

-Sunscreen, hats, hiking clothes, one cute outfit for photos (because did you really go anywhere if you didn’t take a photo of you in cute clothes there?), toothpaste, toothbrush, cameras etc.

Seem like a lot of things to buy? Not really. Especially after splitting our list in half. We each spent (maybe) a maximum of $25.00 on food and camping equipment that we didn’t already have.

Running tab: $50.00 (at the most). 

We packed up the car and was on the road by 7:30 a.m. and with one stop at the Cabazon Dinosaur and a little bit of traffic, we were at Joshua Tree by 10:00 a.m.

The park cost $20.00 to enter and $15.00 to camp over night.

Running tab:  (close to) $85.00

Since it was 110 degrees and dying of heat stroke didn’t sound too fun, we did a couple hikes that were 1.1 mi. round trip. The hikes were easy and we strolled along until 1:00 p.m. when we decided to drive around and find a place to camp!

Of the two campsites that were open, we chose to stay at Jumbo Rocks at campsite #71. Each campsite comes with a parking space, grill, bonfire pit and picnic table. By 3:00 p.m., we had our camp set up and sat in the shade until sunset.

Bring books or card games to entertain yourselves. 

Cellphone service is a no-go. 

Once the sun started setting, we started our fire, cooked hot dogs and devoured (a lot of ) s’mores. Our fire lasted until 10:00 p.m. and we spent our time talking, listening to music and enjoying the stars.

We slept in the tent, woke up by 6:00 a.m., watched the sunrise, packed up the car and was on our way home by 7:00 a.m and back by 10:00 a.m (gotta love that 91 freeway traffic).

Since Joshua Tree isn’t that far away, we only spent $45.00 on gas.

Tab: (about) $130.00

$130.00 got us a 24-hour vacation with pretty views, exercise, quality best friend time and a great memory to end Summer 2016 on.

If you have two days off in a row and don’t know what to do, go to Joshua Tree. If two college girls can plan, pay and pack everything (high-five for us for not forgetting a single thing)- then you can too!

Here’s some photos from our trip + thanks for reading!

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